Our simplified and competitive freight forwarding and logistics service module helps us to stay ahead of the curve of customer expectations.

As a result, our model opens up revenue opportunities for customers to gain value and profit from a better and transparent “end to end” service with a high speed performance, reliable job execution under all circumstances at a reduced time and cost within the supply chain and logistics process .

At ATM Trust Ghana Ltd, we partner and build capacity with our customers to design and deliver a tailored freight forwarding and logistic solutions, adding value by increasing the efficiency of our operations and cost.


We have an air freight solution for you, no matter what size your company is or what…

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Cargo Insurance

Don’t leave your cargo unprotected. Cargo Insurance comes in different types with…

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When you need to get something to a country across the world and cost is a concern,…

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Freight Forwarding

We are specialized in organizing shipments for individuals and corporations.  We…

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Exports Management Services (FCL/LCL)

Its purpose is to verify the accuracy of data declared by the importer or exporter…

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Pickup and Delivery (Door to Door)

Customs clearance is the fiscal procedure all goods coming from or destined to other…

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Customs Clearance & Documentation

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